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Padapadmam has been introduced by Shree Balaji Temple, Mumbai, in order to promote and generate donations to manifest Sampurna Devasthanam of Lord Venkateshwara.

The Vision
The Vision is to create Shree Balaji Swarna Temple with the entire body of Lord Venkateshwara, viz., Dhwajasthambham, Pushkarni, Kalyanamantapam, Kalayanakatta, Veda Patashala, Goshala, etc.

A temple is designed and built according to uncompromised principles of Vastu Shashtra and illustrated with intricate sculptures, art and architecture to induce appreciation and elevate the spirits of the devotees to a realm much higher than his ego. The positive vibration felt at the temple awakens him to his insignificant self, an ego which is lost in the divine blueprint of the Creator.

Cosmic Square

The entire universe is said to be the Lord’s body, however, the energy is not equally distributed in every part of the universe. Similarly, in the human body, particular power spots along the spinal column behave as storehouses of spiritual energy.

According to the holy Vedas, the Temple is a mini universe (cosmos) on earth and hence the house of God. A temple represents the 3 worlds, viz., the earthly world, the heavenly world and the astral world. Thus, a devotee is blessed with knowledge and an immense vibration of gratitude and self realization when he enters the positive aura of the temple.

We intend to lay down a powerful cosmic bed beneath Shree Balaji Swarna Temple in order to boost the celestial magnetism and create spiritual power spots in the temple. This will be formed by dividing the entire area of the Shree Balaji temple construction space into multiple cosmic squares where several square plates of 1 feet, with carvings of Lord Venkateshwara’s Padapadmam on each plate will be laid deep in the earth. To enhance the cosmic and magnetic energies further, precious jewels and divine yantras made with certain specifications and assorted metals will be placed along with the cosmic square bed. Over this divine cosmic bed, will stand the entire structure of Shree Balaji Swarna Temple

To compliment these powerful cosmic waves, Chaturvedas will be recited thrice a day accompanied by Trikala poojas which will be performed by learned and proficient Veda priests at Lord Venkateshwara’s temple. This is to ensure that the divine magnetic and cosmic energy of the temple’s aura bestows a powerful spiritual bath to the devotees and transforms their lives to a sacred level of mental happiness. Devotees taking Shree Balaji’s darshan at this temple will help them to lift their spiritual energies and will be able to connect with the divine one without any efforts. This will help in aligning and stimulating the seven chakras and empower the devotee with massive realization of oneself.

We are nothing but energy, and our souls are having a physical experience in this world of material illusion. It is important to discipline and expand our minds in the spiritual dimensions of the Universe. Temples are perfect places to subdue the human mind and  bring about calmness and clarity deep within. The Lord, who is the universe himself, blesses those who seek him, with strength to the weak, wealth to the poor, knowledge to the dunce and love to the loveless.

Shree Balaji Swarna Temple will be a very unique and very special place for those seeking the grace of Lord Venkateshwara in an effective manner.

To make this vision a success, we urge noble personalities from every field to step forward and donate generously towards the construction of Shree Balaji Swarna Temple in Mumbai.

Every 1 feet of land donated by a devotee, as a part of the cosmic square, will be appreciable and considered highly valuable in the construction of Shree Balaji Golden Temple. This is once in a life time opportunity to support towards a divine cause.

Sananda Samhita says, “He who sponsors a temple of Lord Vishnu, gains ten million times the merits accrued by Yajna, Austerities, Charities, Pilgrimage and study of Vedas”. Hence, donate generously and brace abundance.