Online donation for Cow (Gau seva)






One sq.feet land for Cow Shelter (Gau shala)


1. Birthday & marriage archana of their family members’ life time. If he donates more than Rs,11000, he will get the amenities for life member in both the temple
2. Gow puja &seva along with their family once in the year.
3.will get updates about the various events in the temple .
4.Feeding of the cows with their own hands & with family members.




















Doante a Cow


1.Will get the patron membership in both the temples. And gets various spiritual benefits & Non spiritual benefits,
2.Will get accommodation of one day and two nights stay.
3.Feeding of their cow with their own hands & family members.
4.They can see their cow live status any time and they can name their cow.(female Name)
5.Gow puja of their cow every year.
6.Will get updates about the various events in the temple & special line.
7.Milk of the cow will be utilized in the prasadam of the Mumbai Balaji Temple
















Importance of Gau seva

What is a goushala?
Goushala, a Sanskrit word ("Gou" means cow and "Shala" means a shelter place: Gou + Shala = shelter for cows), means the abode or sanctuary for cows, calves and oxen. Apart from providing sanctuary, the goushala also rescues the animals destined for illegal slaughter.
Shree Balaji Swarna Mandir padmavathi Goushala
It is believed, all gods reside in the body of a cow. Her four legs denote Vedas, her horns are the triune gods Bramha (tip), Vishnu (middle) and Shiva (base); her eyes are the sun and moon gods, her shoulders the fire-god Agni and the wind-god Vayu and her legs the Himalayas.
In astrology cow is the symbol of the sign Taurus, a sign representing earth and nature.
Cow is one of the universal mothers represented by the constellation Kritika.
Her unlimited resourcefulness is associated with the constellation Rohini.
Her nourshing aspect is associated with the constellation Pushya.
The cow’s patience and gentle nature is associated with the constellation Utarabhadrapada.
When Lord Vishnu came to earth as Lord Sri Venkateshwara, the Lord took refuge in an ant hill under a tamarind tree near Venkata hill. Lord Bramha and Lord Shiva took the form of a cow and calf and the cow fed Lord Vishnu with milk.
For Hindus, cow is seen as a universal mother. Therefore cow plays a very important role
in terms of economic and environment. Protecting and nurturing cow is the prime responsibility of every Hindu.
Every day for all religious activities pure cow milk is offered to Lord Balaji as a Prasad and for performing abhishekam.
Padmapurana says, Cows are the residence of Goddess of wealth. Sins do not touch them. A fine relationship exists between cow and man. A home without a cow is like one without dear ones.
Mahabharata says, donating a cow is greater and bigger than other donations. Cows are sacred and they are supreme. The benefits of donating a cow are endless and there is no donation comparable to donating a cow.
Cow makes the weak strong and nurtures the sick to health. Therefore donor of cow is a giver of life.
Cows are the great refuge of all creatures. Cows constitute the greatest source of blessings for all creatures. Cows are the past and then the future. Cows are the source of evolution and eternal growth. Cows are the root of prosperity.
The benefits of donating cows are endless
• Whatever is given to cows always produces good fortune and is never in vain.
• It is solely and exclusively from the ghee of cows that the sacred rituals prescribed and authorised in the Vedas is empowered and able to be performed.
• Cow donated in charity shall protect the entire dynasty of the family. Therefore one who donates cows will definitely overcome any obstacle.
• There is no wealth greater than cows. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna clearly communicates the importance of cows.
Lord Venkateshwara is lovingly called as Govinda by devotees. Etymologically Govinda means Go+vinda i.e., ‘Go” refers to Cows, Earth, Senses and Vedas, while “Vinda” means finder, knower or protector. Govinda means cow finder. Therefore Govinda means protector or finder of cows, simply the Lord of cows. Govinda means one who directs our sense in right direction.
Lord Venkateshwara is considered as the “Kali yugavarada”, that is ‘the boon-granting Lord of Kali yuga& one who burns the sins, He is Govinda, the cow finder, the cow protector and the protector of earth and the one who directs ones senses in the right direction.
We are in a process of constructing holy Goshala and your support is as precious and noble to that of Agastyamaha muni support to Lord Sri Venkateshwara.

In Hinduism the holy cow is revered and worshipped from our olden days as mother and nurturer and one who nourishes and fulfils all the wishes of the one who takes care of her. Hindus believe that the indian cow houses the entire panorama of gods and goddesses. That is why in ancient india cow wealth was considered as greatest wealth and cows body has been given the prominence of vaikunth.
Whenever lord Vishnu has taken birth on earth he has worshiped cows and made people aware of the importance of cows in the lives of human beings
One such reference is about the story of venkateshwara swami and Agastya rishi
Another very famous example is that of Krishna who was very fond of cows and hence one of his name was Gopala. The story of Krishna lifting the govardhan hill to save all brijwasi from the fury of lord indra is very well known to all of us. So much was his love towards this innocent animal that he once said that I would be happy only when all cows are cared and looked after properly.

When swami took birth on earth in search of goddess Laxmi, it was the same cow (gau) which fulfilled his daily needs. Even as his incarnation as lord Krishna, he was called as Gopala (meaning protector of cows).