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1st March, 7 A. M.
Moolavar Abhishekam

‘Moolavar’ is a Sanskrit word which refers to the main idol in a temple. Moolavar Abhishekam is a process in which the idol is bathed with cow’s milk, curd, honey, lime extract, tender coconut water, sandalwood paste, turmeric powder paste, etc. to purify the Moolavar along with the chanting of Vedic Mantras by the priests.

Moolavar Abhishekam is observed at Shree Balaji Temple, Charkop every 3 months. After offering the rich Abhishekam to Lord Venkateshwara’s idol, fresh river water is poured on it. However, all the items used in the process of Abhishekam are not poured directly over the idol. A special container is specifically used for this purpose and every drop which falls out of this container is considered absolutely pure and divine which, when consumed by devotees, blesses them with positive energy and creates spiritual bliss. The chanting of Vedic Mantras during this process is of utmost importance since the `power created by the sound of the holy Vedic mantras binds the items with cosmic energy making the items them with the goodness of the Universal stream.

Numerous devotees have experienced ultimate spiritual outburst and have been cured of serious ailments after Moolavar Abhishekam. Moolavar idol emits powerful cosmic energy around it and the divine items used in this Abhishekam absorb this energy when they come in contact with the Moolavar, loading the Abhishekam items with cosmic supremacy.

Moolavar Abhishekam attracts cosmic energy which is beneficial to the devotees in ways of purifying their souls, the surrounding atmosphere and contributing to the health and wealth of the devotees. The amazing amalgamation of the Abhishekam and Vedic mantras creates perfect purifying vibrations which is highly beneficial to all those attending this powerful ritual known as Moolavar Abhishekam.