Welcome to Shree Balaji Temple

Welcome to Shree Balaji Mandir… the temple of Lord Venkateshwara, where blessings of the divine, commence a spiritual journey of one’s soul! This house of worship is established and managed by Shree Balaji Foundation [A registered Charitable Public Trust]. A temple or a place of worship encloses strong positive, spiritual energy which works as a link that connects man with God. It is believed that there is no deity as compared to Shree Balaji (also known as Lord Venkateshwara) and is the most worshipped One in the Kalyuga (Age of Downfall). Each year, millions of devotees travel all the way to Tirupati, the home on earth for Shree Balaji, to seek his blessings. Since Tirupati is located in the remotes of Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India, it is difficult for devotees to travel such distances, especially elders and the physically challenged. Hence, a major step in making the Lord’s blessings available to devotees in and around Mumbai, has been taken up by Balaji Foundation, which has completed Phase 1 of Shree Balaji Mandir in Charkop, Mumbai. No, we are not saying that we shifted the Lord’s residence to Mumbai. As per our Puranas (ancient Hindu scriptures), if we seek the Lord’s blessings in a temple built with uncompromised Shipa Shashtra, Agama Shashtra and Vastu-shashtra, all our wishes from the depth of our heart, will be fulfilled. What’s a better example of such a structure other than “Shree Balaji Mandir” at Charkop! Shree Balaji, the Lord of Wealth, is believed to be a slayer of the evil and a granter of wishes. And now, His divine blessings are just a stone’s throw away! Devotees visiting this temple in Mumbai, experience eternal peace in the holiest form and a burst of spiritual energy which brings them back to re-live such divine stillness of the soul and a sense of deep spiritual happiness! Devotees may visit the temple between: 06:00am – 10:00pm