41 Days Mandala Pooja

|| Om Shree Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||

Do you have a serious medical condition? Are you suffering financial losses? Is your kid missing? Have you been looking for a life partner without much luck? So, you tag yourself as unfortunate! And you believe that it is destiny and that you cannot go against the power of fate! Wrong! It is true that life comes to a standstill when various misfortunes and tragedies surround us. We feel lost and deceived of our happiness. But it can be changed! Absolutely the way You want it to be! As written in our Puranas, fortune can be changed by following a divine process called MANDALA POOJA. MANDALA POOJA It is unreasonable that the various poojas we get done by the Pujaris and Bhatjis, they get to reap 95% of the benefits of the pooja and a mere 5% is passed on to us, since we simply sponsor the entire process. MAHAMANDAL POOJA will be done by you, which will earn you 100% benefit, without having to pay at all! This pooja is to be performed solely by anybody who wants to have his one wish fulfilled, in a PranPratishta temple built with uncompromised SHILPA SHAHSTRA, VASTU SHASTRA and AGAMA SHASTRA, like the Shree Balaji Temple in Mumbai…without the need to step out of Mumbai! Procedure to be followed for MANDALA POOJA MANDALA POOJA is a 41 days process The devotee has to select a time, either during the first half or the second half of the day, when Shree Balaji Temple is open (between 6 am to 10 pm) The devotee has to visit Shree Balaji Temple in Mumbai regularly for 41 days during the selected time slot, without missing a single day for any given reason, to complete the process Once you have decided on the time, enter the temple with a whole ‘supari’ (beetle nut) and a beetle leaf with the stem intact and attached to the leaf and hand it to the pujari or the priest Bring that one deepest desire you wish to be fulfilled, to your mind (do not speak it out) Take 7 rounds of the temple while constantly chanting “OM VENKATESHWARYA NAMAHA” and keep your desire in your mind while doing so After your 7 rounds are complete, take the beetle nut and leaf back from the pujari Take it home and place it in your home temple for the next 41 days Visit the temple every day for the next 41 days on the same time as the first day. Important points to remember: It is mandatory to visit the temple at the same time for the next 41 days. It is the most important practice to help manifest your desires faster. There is an extension of 5 days for ladies due to their physiological system as they cannot visit the temple at that time. During those 5 days, ladies should write ‘Om Venkateshwaraya Namaha’ 108 times on a piece of paper, every day. After the 5 days are complete, they can visit the temple and put the paper in the hundi Stay very clean for 41 days. do not eat non-vegetarian food or outside food for 41 days remain a ‘Bhramachari’ for 41 days Do the Mandala Pooja with utmost faith and devotion You will see the effects of your efforts from the 9th day itself, however, it varies from person to person This pooja can be performed just once in your entire life time, hence, choose your wish carefully Mandala Pooja is free of cost and can be performed by anybody Shree Balaji Temple at Charkop, Mumbai Shree Balaji Temple in Mumbai is a perfect example of a temple built with uncompromised SHILPA SHAHSTRA, VASTU SHASTRA and AGAMA SHASTRA. Here, Lord Venkateshwara’s idol was installed with proper PRANA PRATISHTA. Hence, this is the perfect Temple in Mumbai to perform Mandala Pooja. Over the years, we have witnessed thousands of devotees who have faithfully completed their Mandala Pooja and have seen their dreams miraculously coming true! There have been people who found their lost children, found their perfect life partner, and people whose business have taken off brilliantly after performing the Mandala Pooja. There had been a terminally ill patient in the 3rd stage of cancer who managed to visit the temple, perform the Mandala Pooja for 41 days and found that his illness had reduced from 80% to 20%. Doctors claim it to be nothing less than a miracle!