Why should I do Annadanam

Annadanam is a noble cause where one donates food to people who need it the most to ensure his survival on earth. Hence Annadanam is Mahadanam, a mighty deed which is known to bring fame and glory in the 3 worlds or the ‘Triloka’. Man cannot survive without food and the one who selflessly donates towards this cause truly does ‘pranadanam’ (gives life). Great deeds create great potential for the future and every positive action carries great energy to transform the dreams of many into reality. The deed of Annadanam is said to minimize the sins of the donor. We, at Shree Balaji Temple, Charkop, are doing our best to serve mankind by offering energy in the form of nutritious food to the hungry to help them acquire new enthusiasm for a better tomorrow.

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For more details you may write to us at admin@shreebalajimandir.org