Why should I do Archana

Gratitude is the most sublime way ahead in life. Offering an Archana at Shree Balaji Temple, to Lord Venkateshwara, is a way of saying thank you to the Lord for the wonderful things he has blessed us with, all our life. Be it good health, food, shelter, clothing, family, friends, money, job, and everything else that matter, we tend to take these beautiful everyday blessings for granted and forget to give thanks to the divine one. Archana is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the Gods. It is true that appreciating the things we already have in our lives pleases the Lord and he blesses us with more goodness. Offering pooja-archana to Lord Venkateshwara takes you to the next level in the path of spirituality. It is a divine way of worshipping Lord Venkateshwara and devotees offering Archana to the Lord are said to be honored in the court of Shree Balaji.

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